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The following is a list of recent additions to our web and also news of our family's goings-and-comings.

November 2008

Blue Grotto is finally finished and here from China.  Of course, we still have a couple of months of commissioning and outfitting (electronics, water maker, anchors, safety equipment, other deck gear, tender and chocks, mounting of the mast and antennae, and the loading and provisioning.  While getting all of that ready, here's a peak at our first visit on board:


June 2008: Come see the 2008 Waterwood Garden Tour

You all know how it goes:  First year they sleep, next year they creep, and then in the third year they LEAP. Well, our garden is certainly finally leaping!  Come take at look by clicking on the picture below:


With the Election Season upon us, here is a message regarding public safety:


February 2008

China Trip:  Amazing place and people

We'll be posting lots more about this trip, but I thought that this was a great place to start.  Check out the song being played at the Temple of Heaven as thousands of Chinese enjoy a Saturday morning out (there are two videos here; you'll like the first one):

January 14, 2006

We returned to Garmisch for intensive skiing lessons and lots of exploring; met lots of great new friends; and relaxed at the Edelweiss Resort.  For movies and photos click here.

September 20, 2005

We have had a great time with our very good friends at AVIcode in St. Petersburg.  We will have more pictures to follow, but for now, here are the views of our initial meeting.  Here are a few (Mike and Renee in Europe 2005).


September 1, 2005

Renee and I just finished the Annapolis 10-Miler in our individual best times ever!  Though Renee still finishes 25 minutes before me, as you can see from the pictures, I have a good time doing it.  We also were part of the Old Goat Run within the run; with the Class of '73 at USNA again winning the honor as the class with the most finishing runners.

May 23, 2005

Things have been hopping for us since the last entry.  Most joyously, we just returned from Devon's and Paul's wedding, which was a wonderful day for them and all whom attended.  They are so full of love, and so surrounded by caring family and friends.  They are very special!  Here are a few of the early photos (from Jacki).  We'll post more later.





Then there is the news about AVIcode and Fortius Solutions.  AVIcode has been named the new Incubator Company of the Year for Maryland, has had Microsoft standardize on its technology, grown its staff and customer list considerably, and in general improved its lot in life quite a bit.  For more on that you can watch a video presented and distributed by Microsoft that highlights AVIcode's innovative technologies (including an interview of Mike) by clicking this icon:

Partner Opportunities in Enterprise Management

Fortius has also had its successes!  After growing in revenue, stature and reputation in its first year, it has not become part of Evergreen.cfo, where Renee is now the President.  That company was essentially a friendly competitor for outsourced CFO work; regarding which there was great mutual respect.  The new merged companies have considerable resources and connections, making the operation truly scaleable.  These are very exciting times for Renee, as she grows the new business.

December 24, 2004

Well, after a few weeks of stress relating to health, car mishaps and the like... and saying goodbye to our beloved Honey... we had some uplifting times in Toronto with Uncle Stan and Aunt Elsie and family... AND welcomed Luca into our lives.  For more on Luca, see the navigation button above.  For more about from the trip to Toronto, click here.



Luca visiting his cousin. Click here for the movie.






October 10, 2004

We had a great Columbus Day Weekend, celebrating Dad Antolik's visit and the wonders of Italian heritage, with the great company of MomMom and Papa AND our good friends Tom and Grif Pedroni. To see the pictures and video click the video, click here.


August 20, 2004

Great news from Maria, Paul and Matt.  Maria will be working as a TEACHER in the Charlottesville area, and will be living with Paul and Devon in their upstairs apartment.  Paul and Devon are now ENGAGED to be married.  What a wonderful love they have!  And Matt and Joanie continue to do very well in San Diego, with the latest being that Matt is nominated for San Diego's BEST LOCAL RECORDING. Read about here. Also, great press, including from the New Yorker magazine.

We have also had some nice progress on the pier, etc.  Here are some new pictures.

And, look... Just like in Italy!  This sunflower is very near the new apple tree and also very near the new regulation bocce ball court (birthday present to Mike from Renee)!

May 7, 2004

AVIcode, Inc. founders: Victor Mushkatin, Alex Zakonov, Mike Curreri and Steve Pelletier

Our biggest news relates to job changes.  Mike's new job as CEO of AVIcode, Inc., a very exciting new software company.  Here is the press release.  Also, Renée has started her own company: Fortius Business Solutions.  She will be providing CFO and other outsourced business consulting.  She is finding that she is in BIG demand with new clients signing up quickly.  She can be reached at renee@FortiusSolutions.com.

Maria has completed her volunteer work with Americorps and will be moving to Charlottesville this coming year, after spending some time in Richmond and then Oregon with friends.  And Matt is in California with Joanie playing his music, which continues to get rave reviews. 

We are moving from our home in Richmond this weekend; will have the pier built within a month or so and the revetment in the next month.  AND we have a new boat!


Matt's new CD has been released and is receiving great reviews in California!

Nice picture, Matt!! ;)

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