Garmisch 2006

Edelweiss Resort

Edelweiss Sports Center


Ski class fun

Panoramic view from Alpspitz  peak

Great food on Day 2.


Getting there is half of the fun.

Great spot for morning stretching!

They went through here??

Here is more from the fantastic third day:

What a view (Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland!!)

And this is where we practiced our carving.

And here is our temporary home away from home: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (and surrounding valley).

  The adventure begins.

Looking something like coalminers, we exit the mountain.

Race Time!!

Bill, after another successful day on the slopes.

Staci and Eric: proud parents of a gold winner!

More winners.

The real speed demons.

So happy for all of the "graduates"!

Mouse over box to left to watch Renee's race.

Mouse over box to left to watch Renee's improved skiing style.


Now, on to our ski-exploring in Austria...

And, finally, there was the amazing "Gorge"