Luca has ALWAYS
wanted to leave Waterwood
and go to NOTRE DAME

And, finally, he has gotten the chance.  Here are a few pictures of Luca's trip to the land of the Fighting Irish...

This is exactly as I had always pictured it!  What a great place!  I am so glad that I am wearing my Irish Green bandana!  "Shake down the thunder..."

But then Luca saw people come out of the building behind him.

What is this?  We really need to go in there! Think of the presents we can buy!

I'll just wait here until they return from shopping.

Lunch at the new South Dinning Hall was lots of fun.  Great new gourmet menu!

This building was named after my buddy "Rockne".  
Who needs a building to exercise with this great Quad, though!

This is a pretty place.  Renee and Mike seem to especially like it here!

Let's see... is this guy saying "Sit"??  I am sitting!

This Touchdown Jesus mosaic is HUGE!

I did make two new friends at the Touchdown Jesus library.  Fr. Joyce let me sit on his feet. 

After that, I got to visit the Business School (that has a HUGE ball in its lobby, as you can see), the Law School (that has a rabbit that lives in its front bushes) and the place where Renee used to live, Farley Hall (where dog graduates must get bones, as you can also see):

Finally, it was time to leave for GrandDad's house in Paynesville...

So, all in all, this was just a fine place to visit.  It was everything that I had expected (though, the rabbit in the law school garden was truly a plus).  It almost makes me wish that I were an IRISH Setter.  Well, maybe I was Irish just for one day!  GO Notre Dame!!




Here are a few pictures that we think you will also enjoy of Luca's first trip to our home:

Saying goodbye to the wonderful foster family in Potomac:


The ride home:

.... was a little tiring...

But, we did finally get to Waterwood, and got to meet Chessy's parents:

And explore and play a bit...

All and all, not a bad first day!  Good choice, Jane.

And six months later, settled in on the boat while on Honeymoon 5 in St. Michael's: