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This page contains contact information regarding all of the members of our family.

The nuclear group members:

The extended group members:


Renée A. and Michael P. Curreri

Our favorite pre-wedding picture!!

  Enjoying a break from the slopes.

  Our first Valentines Day together.

  Enjoying Italy.

Renée and her dad in his garden and on an earlier boat.

Mike in San Juan Rain Forest

Renée skiing like an expert in the Austrian Alps

Mike and Jacki in her beautiful back yard
                                            (her new house is even better!).


7669 Waterwood Trail
Stoney Creek, MD 21060



Renée's work: Fortius Business Solutions LLC
(w) 410.439.9642
(c) 443.995.8997

Mike's work
(w) 443.577/3007
(c) 443.831.4138


M. Paul Curreri and his lovely wife, Devon Sproule

Monk is the one in the middle.

Write to, and find out more about, Paul at his website: www.paulcurreri.com

Write to, and find out more about, Devon at her website: www.devonsproule.com

802 Stonehenge Ave
Charlottesville, VA 22902

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Matt Curreri and Joanie Mendenhall

Paul backing up Matt


Matt's now in San Diego living with Joanie Mendenhall, but you can reach them both, and find out what's up in their music careers and other escapades,  by visiting http://www.mattcurreri.com/ and http://www.joaniemen.com/.

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Maria Curreri

What a great pair.

Monk with "Uncle Luca"

  Maria, happy in C-ville.

She sure is competitive!!

But, still very friend-ly.

   Maria at two graduations.

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MomMom and Papa Curreri (Doris and Paul)


  MomMom, the Horse Whisperer!

  MomMom and Papa at their underway anniversary a few years ago.

Paul and Doris Curreri
6990 Mink Hollow Road
Highland, Maryland 20777

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Jacki and Ted Edens

  Jacki and Ted exploring the depths

Svort and Guy Noir

Jacki and Ted Edens
6990 Mink Hollow Road
Highland, Maryland 20777


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Lara Weiss and Greg Gilleland

  Lara at South Beach a while back

Lara and Greg, more recently.


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Ted Antolik

Mr. A. showing off his prize peppers...

Oh, so good!!